Trygghetsfonden TSL, an Employment Transition Fund

TSL is an insurance system based on a collective labor agreement. The TSL-system was founded by Svenskt Näringsliv (The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) and LO (The Swedish Trade Union Confederation), in February 2004. Approximately 100,000 companies are connected to the system and more than 900,000 blue-collar workers are included in the system.

The idea of the adjustment programme is to help the individual to find a job, or start a business, to ease the restructuring process for the company and the local union and to increase the security of the employee during restructuring.

The TSL staff consists of 14 employees. TSL has no job coaches on staff, instead approximately 100 companies that offer adjustment programmes (suppliers) compete for assignments. The company and local union together choose the supplier of adjustment services.

The distribution of responsibility within the TSL-system

 The local parties choose the supplier of adjustment services. By a co-operation agreement between the suppliers and TSL, the suppliers undertake to be familiar with and to accept the conditions of TSL. The individual guarantees his/her intention to participate throughout the entire programme.

The need of help among those who have been given notice varies. Those who easily find a new job do not need much help from the TSL system, and in some cases, support other than that of the TSL system is needed.

Suppliers report results achieved in each adjustment programme, at the latest 12 months after the last day of employment. TSL reports results publicly (web site, press releases). Annual survey by independent survey company is made to measure participant satisfaction and also an annual survey of union and employer representatives measures the satisfaction.

Quality control

Free market competition requires methods for securing quality. TSL has for the time being one person employed for the sole purpose of following up on the quality of the adjustment programmes. Follow-up is made through surveys, visits, dialogue with suppliers, union representatives, employers and participants. TSL has the power to cancel agreements with suppliers that do not live up to the requirements.

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